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2018-12-12 10:39:18
Fast shutter door:
Fast rolling shutter is a fast, safe and reliable rolling shutter designed to shorten the time and speed of entry and exit for fast material activities.
In order to improve the power in the production and distribution process, and to avoid loss of cooling, mosquito control, dust control, sound insulation and isolation from other areas. It can be used in general, medicine, food, electronics, cigarettes, printing, textile, cleaning, machinery manufacturing, auto manufacturing, regional isolation of supermarkets and other light industries with special requirements.
Steel fireproof roll curtain:
Steel fire-proof roll-curtain door is a new generation of fire-proof and anti-proof material. There are two types of common and compound steel fire-proof roll-curtain door. Composite steel fire-proof roll-curtain door is composed of inner and outer double sheets of curtain board. The center is filled with fire-proof maintenance inion. All the curtain plates are hot-rolled galvanized sheets. It has novel shape, smooth inside and outside, strong steel property, good sealing property, stable fire-proof function, and dual functions of electric and manual Yes.
It also has the linkage with smoke and temperature alarm system, and can complete automatic control in case of fire, as well as the overall control by the fire control central control room.
Crystal Door Crystal Curtain Door:

The solid noun means the transparent roll-curtain doors like crystal. In Hong Kong, Japan and some developed European and American countries, large-scale monopoly stores use transparent roll-curtain doors, which are transparent, colorful and easy to see.

The 24-hour progressive grade, after the development of a large window effect for the entire store, increased the exposure rate and viewing rate of the products in the shop, the product occupied a small space, operating a wide front is the best choice for your front, so that today's passers-by become your permanent customers!
European curtain doors and curtains:
European-style curtain doors and windows are European-style curtain doors and windows. European-style curtain doors and windows developed by introducing advanced technology and equipment from abroad have won the unanimous praise of customers. The curtain is rolled and rolled by double-deck zinc-crossing steel sheet. The polyurethane foam with central filling and embracing profile has the functions of sound insulation, heat insulation and heat preservation.
After multi-layer casting treatment, the appearance of clear and elegant lines, durable, we can provide customers with different strength of the curtain according to the door hole, so that your door body has greater strength, long service life. Suitable for modern people's concept of environmental protection, environmental protection and green on the human body without any harm.
This kind of insulation material has the effect of self-cleaning, corrosion resistance and aging resistance, such as heat preservation, sound insulation, dust-proof, waterproof, etc.
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